ERA is a set of devices allowing installers to carry out comprehensive service and maintenance on machinery used to treat water.

Thanks to ERA, installers can execute maintenance in an efficient way on multiple softeners installed in different locations, thus helping store managers as they will not have to bother with regeneration anymore.

ERA is ideal for bars, vending machines and, in general, wherever hot water is used.
All the different ERA components have been designed to help installers in their daily work, to reduce labour as well as to optimize cylinder replacement time. Era is composed of the following:

  • The ERV valve – when connected to the water network it can be installed on any cylinder in the ER series.
  • ER cylinders – they are filled with resin used to get soft water and are available in eight different sizes.
  • ERA regeneration equipment – it is used to carry out ER cylinders' regeneration. ERA opens up new opportunities for water treatment in the catering industry.

Coffee machines, ice-makers, hot beverages' vending machines and similar machinery, when connected to the ERA softener, will never run out of soft water.

Fields of application

Coffee machines

Dishwashers and cup washers

Automatic drink dispenser

Steam cooking ovens

Domestic use and centralised systems