Manual Water Softeners

Manual Water Softeners

The LT and IV models are the two series of manual water softeners produced by DVA

Safety, reliability and quality are the three major features a product should guarantee..
These are reliable machines needed to soften the water used in coffee machines, glass washers, steam cooking ovens, vending machines and dishwashers.

The purpose of water softeners is to prevent the formation of limescale deposits caused by water hardness, which results in reduced maintenance costs.

Resin regeneration must be performed periodically in order to guarantee full efficiency; this simple and safe procedure must be performed by an operator and takes on average from 20 to 40 minutes.

The LT model is equipped with two ball-type valves in brass for water inlet and outlet pipes. They are available with 3/8''G, 3/4''G connections and, on request, with quick couplings for 8 or 10 mm tubes.

The IV model is equipped with a semi-automatic IV valve in thermoplastic material. The softener is equipped with quick coupling water connections, allowing easy and rapid installation. Resin regeneration occurs by manually rotating the valve knob in the following four positions: Running, Pressure relief and salt-loading, Resin rinsing, backwash.

Water usage by the machines connected to the water softener is possible also during regeneration.

Moreover a mixer inside the valve directs part of the hard water towards the outlet, hard water is then mixed with soft water to deliver water with a degree of hardness.

Fields of application

Coffee machines

Dishwashers and cup washers

Automatic drink dispenser

Steam cooking ovens

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ERA System e Kairos Flowmeter

Get the ERA system for optimal management of your manual water softeners!

Made entirely in Italy, the ERA system makes it extremely easy to manage softeners from installation to regeneration. ERA is in fact a set of equipment that allows the installer to offer a complete service wherever softened water is required.

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The KAIROS flowmeter supporting the management of your DVA manual softeners

The Kairos flowmeter is designed to monitor the activity of manual water softeners and its task is to warn when to regenerate the softener. In fact, Kairos is best used, connected to manual softeners, in restaurants, bars, canteens and wherever softened water is needed.

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