Automatic softener REK

REK, The automatic water softener by DVA

The REK automatic water softener is a new model in the ISI series, designed to offer more advantages, including extreme simplicity and speed of programming.
REK has been studied ad hoc on the basis of the experience of operators in the catering and bar sector, following the indications collected from technicians in the sector who use every day coffee machines, cup washers, dishwashers, ice makers, steam ovens, etc.
The compact dimensions and the new design have been designed to take up even less space and make REK softeners suitable for installation in even very small environments.

Practical for the final user

Some adjustments make this softener extremely practical:

  • The innovative system of release of the cylinder from the brine body facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the softener;
  • The convenient opening of the lid, which remains attached to the salt container when opening, makes it easier to insert the salt into the brine vat and protects the upper part of the softener from shocks;
  • An anti-flooding device prevents water from escaping from the brine vat of the softener and is fully integrated into the structure and does not "subtract" space from the brine vat;
  • The softener is equipped with a non-return valve to prevent water from returning to the brine tank;
  • The overflow fitting and flood protection system are no longer accessories, but become an integral part of the softener;
  • The possibility of choosing the connection (3/4 "G, 3/8 "G) for hook-ups to the water mains guarantees adaptability to any system without having to make any changes.

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REK Automatic Water Softener - Dimensioni

Compact dimensions

The compact dimensions of the new line make it easy to install even in places with limited space availability.

Compared to the ISI8 model, the valve cylinder block of the REK softener has been moved towards the centre of the brine, thus reducing the overall dimensions.

Technical characteristics

The main technical characteristics of REK, automatic water softener, produced in Italy by DVA - De Vecchi Srl, are listed below.

Maximum capacity 1500 l/h
Ambient temperature Min 4°C Max 35°C
Food water temperature Min 6°C Max 25°C
Water pressure 0.2 Mpa Min 2 bar
0.8 Mpa Max 8 bar
Power supply Standard 230 V 50/60 Hz
Optional 120 V 60 Hz
Power consumption 6W
Technical characteristics table of REK, automatic DVA water softener
REK Automatic Water Softener - Informazioni tecniche
Food water must:
  • - be drinkable and clear
  • - have a temperature between 6°C and 25°C
  • - have hardness lower than 900 ppm CaCO3 (90°f)

Litres of softened water according to its hardness

°f 20 30 40 50 60 Capacity
°d 11 16 22 28 33
ppm CaCO3 200 300 400 500 600
REK 1.680 1.120 840 672 560 33.6

REK is available in Chronometric and Volumetric version

REK Automatic Water Softener - Cronometrico e volumetrico

Large opening for brine salt loading

REK has a convenient opening of the lid making it easier to insert salt into the brine vat. The lid of the softener remains attached to the salt container during opening.

REK Automatic Water Softener - Ampia apertura

Cleaning and maintenance has never been easier.

The REK cylinder can be easily removed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the softener. It is possible to order the softener with two different types of cylinder: steel or nylon.

REK Automatic Water Softener - Pulizia e manutenzione

Built-in flood protection and overflow connection systems

REK has included the “Anti-flooding device” which has the task to preventing water from escaping from the brine vat of the softener. It will be advisable to check the cause and the good functioning of the softener if it should become operational. The anti-flooding device is completely integrated into the structure and does not "subtract" space from the brine vat.

Built-in overflow fitting
The new REK water softener has a non-return valve to prevent water from returning to the tank This mechanism strengthens the work of the anti-flooding device.

It should be remembered that the "overflow and anti-flooding system" do not affect the operation of the softener.

REK Automatic Water Softener - Sistemi incorporati di antiallagamento

The coverage of REK

REK has a cover that wraps and protects the upper part of the softener from shocks.
The cover can be easily removed for inspection or maintenance.

REK Automatic Water Softener - Copertura

Connection to the water mains

REK has 2 connections for water mains.

REK Automatic Water Softener - Attacchi alla rete idrica

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