About us

De Vecchi srl

Our company has been producing softeners since 1974.

Since the beginning we have been asking ourselves how we can offer our customers a quality, innovative, reliable and at the same time affordable product.

This is why the "Made in Italy" philosophy is not just a brand for us. It is a value, a conscious choice that guides us in the design of softeners unique on the market.

We design and build them in our company, starting from the choice of raw material and thus ensuring an ad hoc product that meets expectations.

But there is one other thing that we care about during the construction process: the impact that production can have on the environment. For this reason we have designed a photovoltaic system that can meet the entire energy needs of the company. That really means zero impact for us.

De Vecchi srl - Addolcitori d'acqua

De Vecchi srl - Addolcitori d'acqua

The value
that guide us

I valori che ci guidano
We offer only certified products, which give the customer the guarantee of being of excellent quality. We are sincere, transparent and loyal: three of the qualities most appreciated by the companies we work with, who have been choosing us for over 40 years.

I valori che ci guidano
How can you propose cutting-edge solutions? How can we offer our customers a product that makes the most of all the potential available on the market? We ask ourselves this question every day, and every day we update ourselves so that we have all the answers, without having to look elsewhere.

I valori che ci guidano
From the choice of raw material to the constant training in the technical field: our products are designed and manufactured with the utmost attention and accuracy, in every detail.

I valori che ci guidano
Our work cannot disregard a solid technical knowledge, as well as the continuous study of the market and the different needs of each company with which we collaborate. For our customers we are not only a production company, we are also able to act as consultants and propose the best solution for the specific case.

I valori che ci guidano
We are always ready to understand and meet everyone's needs, responding punctually to every request. Our greatest satisfaction is to work with customers who are happy with the product and to work with us.